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Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with Radixact Synchrony Tomotherapy in Maharashtra – TGH-OncoLife Talegaon

TGH Onco-Life Cancer Centre in Maharashtra provides advanced cancer treatment services to patients in India and has recently achieved a major medical milestone by becoming the first facility in the state to offer Radixact Synchrony, artificial intelligence based radiotherapy for cancer patients. Radixact Tomotherapy in Maharashtra with Synchrony is an advanced form of radiation therapy that combines highly precise radiation delivery with real-time tumor tracking. 

Tomotherapy in Maharashtra uses a ring gantry that rotates around the patient to deliver intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) from 360 degrees. This allows the radiation dose to conform closely to the shape of the tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Synchrony adds an additional layer of precision by continuously tracking the tumor’s motion in real time using implanted markers or other imaging techniques. It then synchronizes the radiation beam with the tumor motion, adjusting the beam angle and shape to stay locked onto the target as it moves with breathing or other physiological motion. 

This enables very focused dose delivery that maximizes radiation to the tumor while protecting adjacent organs. Treatment with Tomotherapy in Maharashtra is ideal for tumors that move with respiration, such as lung, liver, and pancreatic cancers. It helps mitigate the tumor motion that can compromise precision and require larger treatment margins with conventional radiation therapy. The combination of highly conformal 360-degree radiation delivery and real-time motion tracking provides an unparalleled level of targeting accuracy and precision with Radixact Tomotherapy and Synchrony. 

The implementation of Tomotherapy in Maharashtra at TGH Onco-Life Cancer Centre represents a significant advancement in cancer care for Maharashtra. This state-of-the-art technology provides new hope and treatment options for patients battling various forms of cancer. 

Oncolife’s medical team is proud to be the first Tomotherapy in Maharashtra and to acquire this cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment (Radixact Tomotherapy with Synchrony) and provide this life-saving service to those in need. The centre’s focus on innovation highlights their commitment to delivering the most advanced cancer care possible to the region. This achievement for TGH Onco-Life Cancer Centre marks an exciting milestone in Maharashtra’s ongoing fight against cancer.

To sum up the extraordinary capabilities of Radixact Tomotherapy with Synchrony and how AI enhances its tracking and targeting capabilities are as follows:

The Essence of Radixact Synchrony:

Radixact Synchrony is an advanced radiation therapy system that utilizes intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) techniques. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, Radixact Synchrony adapts to the patient’s breathing and other movements during treatment, ensuring accuracy and reducing the impact on surrounding healthy tissues.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Tracking:

To enhance the tracking and targeting capabilities of Radixact Synchrony, artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role. By analyzing real-time imaging data using onboard KV snapshot and integrating patient-specific information such as respiratory tracking, AI algorithms can precisely track the tumor’s position throughout the treatment process. This intelligent tracking system continuously adjusts the radiation beam’s trajectory, adapting to any subtle changes in the tumor’s location caused by patient movement.

Benefits of Radixact Synchrony and AI Integration:

1. Increased Precision: The integration of AI enables Radixact Synchrony to deliver radiation with utmost precision, targeting the tumor while sparing healthy tissues. Real-time adjustments based on AI analysis minimize the risk of missing the target, resulting in more effective treatment outcomes.

2. Improved Patient Comfort: Radixact Synchrony’s ability to adapt to a patient’s breathing and other movements reduces the need for breath-holding or immobilization techniques. This enhances patient comfort during treatment sessions and improves overall treatment compliance.

3. Enhanced Safety: The tracking system of Radixact Synchrony ensures a high level of safety by continuously monitoring the tumor position. If any significant deviations are detected, the system can pause the treatment automatically, allowing medical professionals to assess and make necessary adjustments.

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