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Indian Cancer Society Camps (Talegaon Region 2024)

In association with Indian Cancer Society, We had organised more than 20 medical camps with 1400+ beneficiaries & 229 were found suspected of cancer and advised further tests. All these medical camps were free of charge & were conducted in Rural Hospitals, Gram Panchayats & PHC’s

Indian Cancer Society camps (Kolhapur Region)

In association with Indian Cancer Society, we conducted 100 medical camps in Kolhapur district which had more than 12500 beneficiaries & approximately 615 patients were found to be cancer suspects. With the help of these initiatives more than 70 cancer surgeries could be performed as we detected the cancer in early stages and several chemotherapies and radiation treatment were provided free of charge under government scheme to underprivileged patients

Zuvius Lifesciences & Onco-life Comprehensive Full Body & Cancer Checkup Camp 2019

In 2019, Zuvius Lifesciences approached Onco-Life Cancer Centre for Cancer screening camp. This camp was similar to 2017 camp in which we screened 1200 women for cancer & full body check-up. It was a huge success as there were more than 1,000 women on the waiting list.

Cooper Comprehensive Health And Cancer Check-up Camp, 2018

In 2018, We conducted a similar camp like 2017 in which all blood and urine tests, ECG, Preliminary examination, Mammography and Papsmear were done. In addition to that we also included Sonography for breast and abdomen/pelvis. We had the maximum participation of 1500 women. It was one of the largest and most comprehensive camps in the state.

Inner-wheel Club Cancer Camp, 2018

We had organised a cancer screening camp for Inner wheel club, Satara for 55 women at cost price. It was a one-day camp. Consultation post reports were provided as well.

Podar International School Cancer Camp For Women, 2017

We had organised a female cancer screening camp for approximately 80 female staff members of Podar International School, Satara. It was a 2-day camp which included Preliminary examination, Mammography, Papsmear and Consultation.

Cooper Comprehensive Health & Cancer Check-up Camp, 2017

After the success of first year of the camp, the news did spread all across the district and many women insisted on conducting a similar camp next year as well. Due to the overwhelming response and seeing the success of awareness amongst women, We decided to scale up our camp. This time, We decided to not only do cancer check-up but also comprehensive health check-up including all blood and urine test and ECG along with Preliminary examination, Mammography, Papsmear and Consultation.The camp lasted for 14 days in which there were 1389 women attended and got themselves tested.

Awareness Campaign In Educational Institutes, 2016

This project was initiated and successfully executed by Mr. Sachin Deshmukh. In this, we went to various schools and colleges (Medical and Non-Medical) carrying out custom made awareness campaigns as per their age groups and better understanding. It was a 3 months long project where we carried these awareness drives in more than 15 schools and 10 colleges covering more than 10,000 students.

We also conduct numerous Free Medical camps in various areas on a weekly basis.

Cooper Cancer Camp, 2016

Cooper Cancer Camp was a brainchild of Ms. Manisha Cooper and Mr. Sachin Deshmukh. It was a unique camp where Cooper Corporation funded this initiative and Onco-Life planned and executed it successfully in the hospital itself. In was a 8 day camp in which total of 486 women participated and got themselves tested for Breast and cervical cancer absolutely free of charge. There were awareness lectures conducted during the camp as well. The tests carried out were Preliminary examination, Mammography and Papsmear. Post report consultation was provided as well.