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Radiology Oncology

We do extend complete patient care & Radiology Services all under one roof. We do have facilities such as PET/CT Scan, Mammography, Sonography, X-Ray, etc. All these radiology machines are imported & top of the line. All of them are handled by highly trained & experienced technicians for ensuring high accuracy & effective use of these Machines. Our entire Radiology department is AERB approved.

Most Popular Questions

Dr. Hasmukhkumar Jain is one of the highly experienced Radiologist in Pune & Western Maharashtra. He has previously worked with various prestigious hospitals throughout the country. He now works full time in Onco-Life Cancer Centre.

For lungs tumour PET CT scan is better than MRI or Regional CT.

Yes, but it happens in extremely rare cases. Hence its only recommended to undergo a scan only when its adviced by your doctor.