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Radiation Oncology - Tomotherapy

Radiation Oncology comprises of 2 major types.

Internal & External Radiation Oncology

Tomotherapy is one of the most advanced methods to deliver radiation treatment to fight cancer. This process combines a 3D image study of the cancerous region, treatment planning, patient positioning and delivery into a single integrated system. The equipment used for tomotherapy is a Computed Tomography (CT) System With the use of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), tomotherapy matches the radiation intensity that is to be delivered to the tumors, keeping the healthy tissues around it safe.The technology provides greater precision and control over radiation therapy delivery minimising damage to healthy tissues. The daily imaging capability makes it possible for clinicians to identify and correct any variations in patient positioning, change in the tumour, or other factors, such as weight gain or loss. While it is useful to treat tumour cells that have spread to other organs and successfully treat multiple cancers at a time. Tomotherapy reduces damage to healthy tissue and significantly lowers the risk of complications. Moreover, it can also treat cancers that have come back and potentially kill all cancer cells and lessen the chance of recurrence. Tomotherapy is used for treating multiple cancers like Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Head, and Neck Cancers, Lung Cancer, Brain Cancer, and Spinal Neck Cancers.

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