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How to Support a Loved One: Understanding Cancer Treatment

It is important to take care of your loved ones who are suffering from cancer.
Some may not feel comfortable asking for help, so instead of asking them, it’s better to find out concert ways to help your loved ones. They might feel loneliness, sadness, fear, uncertainty, guilt, anger, etc.

Remember that there are no “go-to guidelines” to help your friends and family in this devastating time. The first step is to get them the best cancer hospitals in Pune (renowned for top cancer specialists in India). Then, the second step is to try to do what you think is best for them. But you might wonder how to support and help them to make them feel comfortable and loved at this difficult time.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can support your loved ones through cancer treatments.

  • Deliver Meals For Them

Ask your friends and family to arrange turns to prepare and take meals while the patient recovers. You can also take care of the grocery shopping for them. Home-cooked meals are filled with nutrition and it can make them feel comfortable and loved.

  • Emotional Support

Emotional support from friends and family can make a huge difference in a patient’s mental health. This can give them hope and improve their quality of life.

People are often found wondering and afraid of saying the wrong this to the patient. Just remember to be open and honest to them and show them support.

  • Here are a few other advice that may help you:


  • Give them a hug whenever you go to meet them.
  • Call them or take flowers for them to make them feel comfortable through this devastating time.
  • Listen to them actively and don’t pass any harsh judgments.
  • Share a joke and laugh with them.
  • Keep your relationship normal as it was before.
  • Respect their boundaries and need for privacy.


  • You may not fully understand the feelings of someone who has cancer, so never claim to know how they feel.
  • Don’t take things personally if they say something in anger or frustration.
  • Don’t offer advice unless they ask you to.
  • Don’t ask them to be positive or fight it, as this can put pressure on the patient and make them hide their feelings.
  • Lastly, never compare their situation with someone else.

Practical Support
Emotional support is important, but with that practical support is also important. Keep a check on your friend and make sure if they want help with something.

Practical support you can give to your loved ones includes:

  • Try to detect cancer at the earliest through a Mammography test. (Pune)
  • Offer to make some meals for them.
  • Drive them to their appointments.
  • Help with cleaning and laundering.
  • Offer grocery shopping.
  • Run errands for them.
  • Offer to pick up medicines and call them frequently to keep a check on them.
  • Take Notes For Them During Appointments

A person suffering from cancer may have a foggy memory during and after their treatment. The amount of information that they receive can be overwhelming. To overcome this, you can take notes for your loved ones. This can help them with the important information. Cross-check with the doctors and nurse that you noted all the right information.

  • Comfortable Living Space

Sometimes patients may have to travel across cities for their treatments, and it can be uncomfortable to live in temporary accommodations. Consider bringing their bedsheets, pillows, books, and other things that can remind them of home and make them feel comfortable.

  • Sending them Gifts and Have Normal Conversations

Send them their favorite book, snack, flowers, or anything that they love. You can watch their favorite movie with them. Have normal conversations with them which include a glimpse of how your day went and what you did. Remember to ask them how their day went and what they did. This can keep the patient engaged and happy.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, it is crucial to support your loved ones during this devastating time. Do as much as you can to keep them accompanied and comfortable.

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