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The Right Balance: How To Balance Your Quality Of Life While Coping With Chemotherapy

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy there are some painful discussions that need to be had around balancing quality of life with the chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy is a very important but sometimes controversial topic as there might be a lot of stories that scare you. But at Onco Life Care hospital we pride ourselves in paying careful attention to the patient’s priorities and goals at one of the best hospitals in Ratnagiri where we always provide honest information along with hope.

When we are healthy it is very different how we consider the question of chemotherapy but it is quite another thing altogether to be faced with such a terrible decision when we are nearing the end of life. As cancer specialists we know there is no single right answer but there are definitely some wrong answers, and nobody really wants to make those mistakes.

Cancer patients should be able to understand the reality of the situations, how the illness will affect them and their future. The bottom line is that suffering through cancer chemotherapy is worth it but only when it helps patients live longer. Often it can turn out that patients end up not getting any real benefit from enduring radiation therapy after the surgical removal of their tumor.

Even for top cancer doctors at the best hospital in Ratnagiri it is hard to predict how much chemotherapy will help prevent tumor recurrence or improve survival chances. But as a patient you can prepare to handle it and still have a decent quality of life.

It is important to know that radiation therapies operate on the principle that the most rapidly dividing cancer cells will be the most responsive to the treatment. As the best hospital in Ratnagiri with an advanced machine we have reported over 99% accuracy in the ability to target the cancer affected area & avoiding exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Also crucial is to understand that side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, general weakness, infections, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, and destruction of the immune system.

It is fairly certain that most people enjoy a better quality of life in the absence of chemotherapy. Even at the best hospital in Ratnagiri like Onco Life, it can be very difficult to distinguish between physical symptoms and ailments that are side effects of chemo from problems being caused by the cancer itself. Sometimes a thoughtful and caring choice needs to be made to continue treatment because it could be the only way of controlling pain or other cancer-related issues. The best thing to keep in mind is to always compare the possible benefits against the possible costs.

At Onco Life Care Hospital, the best hospital in Ratnagiri district, our Cancer centre uses the latest technology machine of Elekta Synergy with Agility. Over our years of clinical experience, we realize that patients may not always know how ill they actually were and therefore find it difficult to make the decision. Even when the doctor is very honest and frank, the patient could have left the meeting without understanding how bad the situation is. Chemotherapy does alter the patient’s perceptions of their quality of life since there is a decrease in overall health and thus quality of life suffers. Many difficulties arise in areas such as physical functioning, family functioning, emotional functioning, social functioning, body image, sexual function and sexual enjoyment.

The more fortunate patients are people who find they can lead an almost normal life during chemotherapy, but most find everyday life becomes more difficult. It is possible that you feel unwell during and just after each treatment but recover quickly between treatments. As you begin to feel better, you might even be able to get back to your usual activities. However, be aware that for most people it takes 6 to 12 months after chemotherapy finishes before they truly feel like themselves again.

We advise you to take one day at a time and ask for support when you need it. Here are some tips from our experience of cancer treatments involving chemotherapy.

  • Communicate with your health care team.
  • Try to still retain as much control of retaining your quality of life as is possible.
  • Acknowledge what you are going through and express your feelings to your loved ones.
  • Seek out other cancer survivors for support and inspiration.
  • Look to inculcate calming and relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and counseling.
  • Try to continue to do the things you enjoy so you can continue to lead a happy life.

At Onco Life Care Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Ratnagiri district, we are here to support you and try our best to ensure highly effective treatment with minimal side effects.

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