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Precautions Cancer Patients Have To Take After Lockdown

We all have been waiting impatiently for the lock down to come to an end and the businesses and the economy to start again. While the doctors on the other side are working tirelessly to help and cure those who are infected.

Having said that, once the lock down opens the virus is likely to reach its peak in a few days…Officials and healthcare workers cannot emphasise enough the importance of taking all the safety measures and keeping your immunity high.

But when your immunity is compromised to begin with as it happens with all cancer patients, and also due to the treatment which includes chemotherapy and radiation, the white blood cells that fight any infection are compromised…

In this delicate situation cancer patients specially have to be very careful!

Blood-related cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or multiple myeloma, those undergoing chemotherapy treatment, individuals with more advanced disease, and those with cancer involving the lungs are the most vulnerable.

Here are some ways on how cancer patients should take care of themselves after the lockdown:

  • By being extremely mindful and aware of any changes happening to your body and keeping your oncologist updated about your health is the first and foremost step that should be taken to avoid and catch any misgivings of immunity.
  • Taking all the same precautions like sanitising and washing hands, using tissue papers to open public doors, drinking hot water, taking steam, taking vitamins c, and the most important is to avoid loopholes! Sanitising and washing fruits and vegetables with hot water can reduce the risk of infection to 99 percent!
  • Talking to your doctor about alternative modes of treatment-by which your immunity isn’t compromised could also be an option in cases where the cancer isn’t that severe. Like the immunotherapy treatment where the immunity is boosted and the body’s natural ability to fight disease is elevated,which could inturn keep the coronavirus at bay!
  • Patients who suffer from cancerous brain tumours are highly susceptible to making rash decisions, and their personality and behaviour goes through a drastic change they could also feel absent minded .During this delicate situation with the ongoingpandemic , family members or friends of the patient should be in helping in making everyday rational decisions on their behalf in order to avoid the risk of infection of the coronavirus
  • Due to the low immunity levels of cancer patients, the hospital is also being cautious in repeatedly calling them in, fearing the chances of complications due to the pandemic because the virus could be greater than cancer itself.
  • Patients with cancer who already mentally emotional and physically vulnerable are living in fear of this notorious virus. At this time keeping a normal and a neutral outlook for this situation is very important and to understand that this is just a phase and this will also pass.
  • Last but not the least- It is vital that patients who are getting treated stay at home as much as possible until the virus has been eradicated

Cancer no matter what type, comes with a lot of uncertainty about the future , and right now we are dealing with a pandemic which also triggers the fear of uncertainty… Fear triggers stress hormones which can inturn compromise immunity …

Afterall, all diseases first start in the mind. Hence it’s very important to keep yourself mentally and emotionally positive in the face of a health challenge. And focus on the solution rather than the fear of what may go wrong!

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