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Bone Marrow Transplant Recovery: How Can One Facilitate It?

If you or your loved one needs a bone marrow transplant in Pune, the first name that should come to your mind is Onco Life Hospital for sure. Our experts in Bone Marrow Transplant are some of the best that India has to offer. We not only take care of the transplant but the recovery process too. Do you know what the road to recovery is? Let’s look at a few things that will facilitate the recovery process after a transplant.

A good diet matters: After a bone marrow transplant in Pune, you may experience symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or sore mouth, and your hunger may get affected adversely. But what you need to know is that to get your strength and stamina back, you have to eat well. You doctor may also prescribe some anti-nausea medication – in fact, when you get a bone marrow transplant in Pune, our doctors advise you to eat foods that are rich in vitamin D – which is essential for recovery. Though there are not many high vitamin D foods, you can have soy milk, milk, orange juice, and cereals to get replenished. When it comes to minerals, a high-calcium diet is also recommended as it helps to strengthen the bones. Normally, after a bone marrow transplant in Pune, your calcium levels could fall low. Foods like curd, milk, cheese, palak will help to make your bones strong.

Another mineral that helps recovery is phosphorus since it helps keep your bones strong. Eating a diet that includes non-vegetarian foods like fish, beef, chicken and nuts will help. Potassium is also useful – and you can get this by eating fruits like bananas, oranges, peaches, avocados, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. Did you know that potassium helps bring the blood pressure to normal, assists in the normal working of the cells and helps you retain the right amount of fluids in your body? Also include magnesium rich foods so that your immune system remains strong.

You may take supplements and must avoid some foods: Sometimes when the patient does not feel like eating at all, our expert bone marrow transplant doctors in Pune recommend a daily dose of multivitamins. For those with a weak immune system, our doctors advise to steer clear of unpasteurized raw milk, raw or undercooked eggs, cheese made from unpasteurized raw milk, raw or undercooked meats.

Exercise is key: When you have a bone marrow transplant in Pune, we always advice good diet and regular exercise so that your heart stays healthy and you boost your body strength and stamina. Ask our experts about the kinds of exercise you can do and what you should avoid.

Stay away from alcohol: You must remember that your liver won’t be working as well after a bone marrow transplant – in fact, any procedure like chemotherapy, medications, etc weakens your liver system. So staying away from alcohol isn’t just healthy, it’s sensible too.

Sun protection is essential: Use a sunscreen with SPF 50 and wear pants and long-sleeve clothes that cover your arms and legs along with a hat. Remember, you’re more likely to have GVHD(an infection) when you go out in the sun. Also, your skin is bound to be sensitive after a bone marrow transplant.

Reach out to friends and family: Yes, when you get a bone marrow transplant in Pune or anywhere else, the effects are more than physical alone. In fact the emotional side-effects can sometimes be overwhelming. So, reach out to your friends and family at such a time to help you recover better and quicker. Also local and online support groups can really help at this time -so get in touch without hesitation. Being part of such groups gives you a kindred feeling where you can share your littlest insecurities and fears without being pitied or judged.  You’ll also get a more profound understanding of other people who have gone through or are going through what you are and more.

Armed with this knowledge, we hope that you are able to recover from a bone marrow transplant better and wiser. Remember, we at Onco Life Hospitals are always by your side whenever you want to do a bone marrow transplant in Pune.

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