Onco Life Hospitals

Mr. Uday Deshmukh

Mr. Uday Deshmukh

Chairman & MD

Mr. Uday Deshmukh is the Founder & CEO of Onco-Life Hospitals. He is an Electronic Engineer who has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Oncology. He has completed more than 100 Oncology Projects in India & other countries. He has provided his expertise to execute turnkey projects in Oncology for various well reputed hospitals. He is a well renowned Nationally & Internationally known expert in Radiation Oncology.

Mr. Uday Deshmukh oversees the entire administration of Onco-Life Hospitals & plays a key role in the development & expansion. Having been in this field for decades, he has made sure of having the best of technologies & world class facilities for their patients.

“I have seen a huge gap in the quality of treatment & service provided to patients in our country. I do empathize with what the patient & their loved ones go through during the entire process. Since I have vast knowledge, experience & International exposure, I decided to give up my job after giving a lot of thought & decided to go ahead with Onco-Life inspite of all financial risks & people advising me against it. Been working hard ever since trying to be the best & a poster child of a better change in the Healthcare industry.”