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Dr. Wasim Phoplunkar

Dr. Wasim Phoplunkar

• Dr. Wasim Phoplunkar is a prominent Radiation Oncologist. He has a keen interest in IMRT, IGRT and stereotactic radiation therapy.

* Dr Wasim specialises in the management of a broad spectrum of cancers using different radiation techniques, including hemi-body irradiation, total skin electron therapy and custom-made blocks for specialised treatments.

* He is also experienced in performing intracavitary, intra-luminal and interstitial brachytherapy procedures for the treatment of breast cancer and soft tissue sarcomas.

* He has a special interest in the management of head and neck cancers, breast

cancers and soft tissue sarcomas.

* He has completed training in IMRT, head and neck contouring from Princess Margaret Hospital, North America, eclipse radiotherapy planning system in Zug, Switzerland and RapidArc Treatment Modality in Copenhagen, Denmark.

* He is also a life member of the Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, Association of Hyperthermia in Oncology, Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologist and Student member of American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. He has also co-authored various publications.

* Dr Wasim was actively involved in departmental teaching programs for radiation technologists and MD students of Radiation Oncology and Oncology Nursing students.

* He has attended CME Oncology at AFMC, Pune in July 2003 and several workshops based on the management of cancers.

* He was actively involved in organising the blood/haematological conference, organised by International Oncology Services in August 2014

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