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Dr. Jyoti Mehta

Dr. Jyoti Mehta



Dr. Jyoti Mehta, a seasoned Radiation Oncologist and Clinical Oncologist with a strong academic background. Holding degrees in MD Physician, MD Radiation Oncology, and a Fellowship in Clinical Oncology (FICO). She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of Oncology.

Currently, she serves as a Consultant in the Department of Clinical Oncology at TGH Onco-Life Cancer Centre, Telegaon, Pune (Maharashtra). With over 4 years of hands-on experience in the field of Oncology, her focus lies in Genitourinary Malignancies (Bladder, Prostate) and Head and Neck cancers. She is particularly passionate about staying at the forefront of the latest advances in radiation therapy, such as SRS, SBRT of primary and metastatic tumours in bone, lung, liver, and prostate.

motion management

Her proficiency extends to various radiation techniques, including 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, Breath Gating (Motion management) and electron therapy. She is also well experienced in Brachytherapy: Intracavitary, Interstitial, Intraluminal and mould brachytherapy She has working experience of Elekta Synergy, Versha HD & Truebeam LINAC & Tomotherapy.  She is also experienced & qualified to provide Chemotherapy treatment. She has not only applied these techniques in her clinical practice but have also contributed to the scientific community through the publication of numerous articles in National and International peer-reviewed journals.

Dealing with a wide array of cancers, she is well-versed in diverse cancer therapies, encompassing chemotherapy and immunotherapy for solid malignancies. Beyond the clinic, she is deeply committed to cancer prevention and awareness, actively participating in various National and International conferences. Her dedication has been recognized through awards for best paper presentations, and she has shared her insights and knowledge by delivering lectures at various camps.

In essence, her professional journey reflects a relentless commitment to advancing cancer care, disseminating knowledge, and contributing to the broader understanding of oncology.


#ChemotherapyShe is well verge with all kind of cancer therapies like chemotherapy, immunotherapy for solid malignancies.

#Radiation she is well versed with all techniques of radiation like 3DCRT,IMRT,IGRT,VMAT,SES, SBRT,TSET,PCI,CSI


She has 4 year + experience in field of Oncology.

Life Member – Association of Radiation Oncologist of India

Membership-American society of Clinical Oncology

Membership-Indian Association of Palliative Care



Membership –European society of Medical Oncology

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