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Dr. Adwaita A Gore

Dr. Adwaita A Gore

Dr. Adwaita A Gore graduated in Medicine from University of Mumbai with Distinction in Human Physiology. In September 2006 , he completed D.N.B (National Board of Examinations, Delhi)-Broad Specialty in General Medicine from Dr. B. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. In September 2010 he received Certification in Medical Oncology by the European Society of Medical Oncology(ESMO). In March 2011, he completed training for Super Speciality Medical Oncology from Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai. He continued with further Specialisation in the area of Hemato Oncology and Immuno Oncology from the University of Giessen and Marburg, Giessen, Germany.

A Director and Partner of Oncology Care Associates LLP, involved in development of Oncology Care in India and Overseas. OCA Foundation supports needy Cancer Patients for facilitating therapy.

He has many Oral and Poster presentations covering a wide spectrum of diseases in Medical Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant.He is a keen researcher and is involved as Investigator in Clinical Trials.He is also a reviewer for several International Indexed journals

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