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Always Take Second Opinion For Surgical Oncology

Always Take Second Opinion For Surgical Oncology

61 years old tobacco chewer female presented with throat pain and hoarseness. Patient had no comorbidities and clinically had 2cm x 2cm level III lymphadenopathy. On laryngoscopy proliferative growth was seen involving the left vocal cord. Biopsy revealed squamous cell carcinoma. On PET-CT, left sided growth was seen involving pre-epiglottic space with level III lymphadenopathy. Patient was initially advised surgery but the patient had refused and presented to our hospital. Patient was planned for radical chemo-radiotherapy. Patient had grade 2-3 mucositis during treatment but completed treatment well with good compliance.

Post treatment 3 months PET CT showed no uptake at local sites and was symptomatically better. Presently the patient is doing well with no signs of disease recurrence

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