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Pune’s Premier Radiotherapy Revolution: Radixact Tomotherapy with AI Enhanced Synchrony – TGH OncoLife Talegaon, Pune

TGH Onco-Life Cancer Centre in Pune, Maharashtra, India, has made a major medical breakthrough by being the first facility in the state to offer Radixact Synchrony, an artificial intelligence-powered radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Radixact Tomotherapy with Synchrony is an innovative radiation therapy technique exclusive to Maharashtra that combines highly accurate radiation delivery with real-time tracking of the tumor’s motion. Tomotherapy in Pune utilizes a rotating ring gantry that moves around the patient, administering intensity-modulated radiation from all directions. This surround beam approach allows the radiation dose to precisely match the shape of the tumor while minimizing exposure of healthy surrounding tissue.

Synchrony further enhances precision by continually monitoring the tumor’s movement in real time through implanted markers or other imaging techniques. It then adjusts the angle and shape of the radiation beam in sync with the tumor’s motion caused by breathing or other physiological movements. This results in the dose being precisely focused on the target even as it moves. Treatment with Tomotherapy in Pune is especially beneficial for tumors affected by respiration like lung, liver and pancreatic cancers. It addresses tumor motion that can reduce accuracy and require larger treatment margins in conventional radiation therapy. 

The combined effect of 360-degree precise radiation delivery and real-time motion tracking provides unmatched targeting accuracy and precision with Radixact Tomotherapy and Synchrony. The introduction of Tomotherapy in Pune at TGH Onco-Life Cancer Center represents a major step forward in cancer care for the state. This cutting-edge technology brings new possibilities and hope for patients battling different cancers.

The medical team at Onco-life is proud to provide patients access to this advanced cancer care with Tomotherapy in Pune. The acquisition of Radixact Tomotherapy highlights Onco-life Hospital’s commitment to innovation and delivering the latest treatment options to the region. This is an exciting development in Maharashtra’s ongoing efforts to improve cancer care.

Radixact Synchrony utilizes sophisticated techniques like intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Unlike conventional radiation, it continuously adapts the radiation beam to match the patient’s breathing and movements. This ensures precise targeting of the tumor while minimizing exposure of surrounding healthy tissues.

A key innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence to analyze imaging data in real-time. By incorporating patient-specific information and respiratory patterns, the AI algorithms can precisely track the tumor’s location throughout treatment. The system uses this intelligent tracking to continuously adjust the radiation beam’s path, adapting to any changes in the tumor’s position due to patient motion. Some notable benefits of Radixact Synchrony’s AI integration include: 

  • Significantly increased targeting precision, resulting in more effective treatment.
  • Enhanced patient comfort as less breath holding or immobilization is required.
  • Improved safety through continuous tumor monitoring and automatic treatment pausing if any major deviations are detected.

In summary, Radixact Tomotherapy with Synchrony represents a major leap in precision radiotherapy enabled by artificial intelligence. Onco-Life Cancer Centre’s acquisition of this advanced system demonstrates their commitment to elevating cancer care standards in Maharashtra.

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